Welcome to Highland Christian School!

Welcome to Highland Christian School!

You have just entered a Model PLC school where all students are engaged in deep discipleship and high-level learning. We are a multi-denominational, multi-ethnic school community bound together by faith in Jesus Christ and a common, impassioned vision for students.

Admission Information

In our community parents, church, and school work together to ensure that every facet of learning is rooted in biblical truth and taught from a Christian worldview.  Here are some 10 quick facts about the culture and environment at HCS:

  • We are a Professional Learning Community (PLC).
  • We provide covenant-model, standards-based Christian education.
  • All students participate in our 1:1 Technology Program.
  • We are a certified Project Lead the Way (PLTW) School.
  • Learning occurs in a blended environment where technology and teaching instruct each other and various learning styles are addressed.
  • Classroom environments maximize student engagement.
  • We actively cultivate a Growth Mindset Culture.
  • We provide on-site Professional Development for our staff.
  • We have a Mentor Teacher Program.
  • We have a vibrant constituent base and strong Church relations.

What do our parents say?

“I know that my children are loved and nurtured while they are away from me in school.”

“I am confident that my child is being met at his ability level and that his unique gifts and talents are being nurtured.”

“I have peace of mind that my child is receiving a Christ-centered education that reflects my own Christian values.”

“With my kids at HCS, I am assured that the values and principles I teach at home will be supported and reinforced at school instead of ridiculed, minimized, or untaught during their schooling.”