HCS Wish List

Do you want to impact YOUR child’s classroom experience? Do you want to give a tangible gift they will enjoy RIGHT NOW? Then the HCS Wish List will help you grant that wish! The Wish List is our way of publishing items that are beneficial to classroom experiences but are not absolute needs. If you want to give the package with the biggest bow, choose an item from this list to really make someone’s day.

Download Current Wishlist (PDF)

Wish List Item Criteria:

These two questions are considered before we include items on the Wishlist:

  1. Is the item needed to bring intentional growth to the particular program area in breadth or depth?
  2. Is there a high degree of confidence that the item will be used in the very near future?
Wish List Donations

Please feel free to donate any dollar amount, full or partial. Simply specify the program area that the donation should be applied towards.

Funds Disbursement

Sometimes we are able to purchase items at a discount or for other reasons, an item is less costly than expected. If there is a surplus of $25 on any one donation, we will contact you for directions regarding re-application of funds.