Life-giving Roots.

Coming and going each day you may not see all that happens to make Highland Christian School thrive.  But if you look beneath the surface, you will discover the life giving roots that strengthen us.  These “roots” are the people who love Christ and faithfully invest their resources so that Highland Christian School is strong.  The fruit of these gifts is the Christian education our students enjoy today.

The charge is now yours. Will you be a “root”? Will you tend to Highland Christian School’s needs so that the fruit we enjoy today will be plentiful in years to come?  Donate now!

Advancing Mission.

Fewer than 40% of our families have the explicit support of their church and extended family in this pursuit.  More than half are new to our Christian school community.  As we address the scope and depth of educational services we need to provide for students today, we are also addressing a seismic shift in our base. A strong, active Foundation is essential to fulfill our mission.

Our Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors and provides stability through short and long term financial support, visionary leadership and advancement strategy. Practically speaking, the Foundation Fund generates an annual gift to the School’s operating fund based on earnings that results in reduced tuition rates.  

Growing Principle.

We need your gifts to grow the Foundation Fund.  There are many ways to give:

Generous Living.

Visit our Generous Living Resources page for links to useful articles, tools, and resources as you use your resources to advance God’s will in our world.