TRIP Voucher Policies & Procedures

The TRIP Voucher Program is an extension of TRIP (Tuition Reduction Incentive Program) for the purchase of products that are typically higher in cost and less frequently purchased. Please use the following as a guideline when using your HCS TRIP Voucher:

  1. A list of participating businesses is available in front of the TRIP Office and online at You, or the family you wish to donate to, must be registered with TRIP.
  2. Owners/employees of a participating Highland Christian School (HCS) voucher program business are not eligible to benefit from tuition credit earnings through their own business. The HCS voucher program is specifically designed to help currently enrolled families with their tuition bills and to help promote individual businesses with increased business.
  3. Obtain a 3-part Voucher Slip from in front of the TRIP Office. Fill in your portion of the slip (name, address and TRIP account number) before going to make your purchase.
  4. Present your Voucher Slip at the time of purchase. The business will fill in their information (amount of purchase, percentage and tuition credit). The business will keep the white and yellow copy, you take the pink copy.
  5. Turn in the pink copy of the Voucher Slip to the TRIP Office so that we know you have earnings coming.
  6. The business will give you credit on merchandise before taxes are applied. Tuition credit will be posted to your account on a quarterly basis after the TRIP Office has received money from the business.
  7. The participating businesses in the Voucher program have agreed in good faith to send the tuition credit to HCS~TRIP. In case of unforeseen circumstances, TRIP cannot be responsible for any non-payment of tuition credit.
  8. The participating businesses are asked to have their tuition reduction checks reach the school office by the 10th of the following month.
  9. Sale and clearance items are generally exempt from the Voucher Program unless the business states otherwise.
  10. Each business has the right to refuse a Voucher if the above guidelines are not followed.
  11. HCS~TRIP is not responsible for any changes or stipulations added to the guidelines printed here. We will make every effort to keep you updated on any new information or changes as we receive them.