Student Showcase| Lego Build

Art | Elementary students  (grades 3-5) were given the challenge of trying to build a Lego structure out of 30 different choices. Here are a few of these students awesome builds.

Student Showcase| Rule of Thirds

In Art class, junior high students learned about the “rule of thirds” concept in photography.  After watching a video demonstrating how to take more interesting photos using this rule, the students applied this concept in their individual photography.  Here are some of the photos they returned to Mrs. Evers putting this principle into practice.




Governor Announces New School Closure Info

As you may have heard by now, Governor Holcomb and State Superintendent Dr. McCormick have announced that all public and private schools will be closed until May 1.

Since the beginning of this pandemic, Highland Christian School’s leadership team has been evaluating reports, discussing options and planning how best to manage a closure of this magnitude. Our plans have been and will continue to be driven by that which is best for our students and the greater community.  We know this is not an easy time for families as you adjust at home and work through these unforeseen variables.

We will be communicating with you again early next week in regard to Highland Christian School’s longer-range plan.  Please continue to pray for our school leaders and teachers as we adapt our educational plan to meet the various demands required for the health and safety of all.  As we approach more decisions, we know the following things:

  1. God has been, IS, and always will be in control.
  2. The Highland Christian School Board, Administrative Team, and Teachers will continue to do all we can to support your child during this time.
  3. The hallmark of an effective school is its ability to adapt and embrace flexibility in order to rise above adversity.

Below, you will find a copy of the Department of Education’s press release following Governor Holcomb’s address to the residents of the State of Indiana.

News from the Department of Education

We appreciate your patience and support as we work through this together.  May God be glorified as we rely on him for the wisdom and resources we each need.  Please continue to join us in prayer for our community, leaders, families, and those impacted both in the United States and abroad.

Parent Note – March 9, 2020

PARENT NOTE – March 9, 2020
“Blazin’ God’s Light”
Matthew 5: 15,16

In just one week, our 3rd – 8th graders will begin to participate in state testing. This past week, the Department of Education announced that Highland Christian received a Grade A for the 2019-2020 school year. This is something to celebrate! This is in part to a new 2018-2019 state test in which Indiana governor, Eric Continue reading Parent Note – March 9, 2020

Parent Note – March 2, 2020

PARENT NOTE – March 2, 2020
“Blazin’ God’s Light”
Matthew 5: 15,16

This past Thursday, a number of 7th and 8th graders led an all-school chapel highlighting Black History Month and See a Need – Fill a Need.  In this chapel, we were able to celebrate our diversity and the contributions of those who have gone before us. The student leaders shared with us the world-changing work of many African American leaders in the work-place, classroom, and in politics. We Continue reading Parent Note – March 2, 2020

Parent Note – February 24, 2020

PARENT NOTE – February 24, 2020
“Blazin’ God’s Light”
Matthew 5: 15,16

Diversity is something that is celebrated and cherished at Highland Christian. As we conclude Black History Month, we are reminded that we do not celebrate our diversity for one month, but throughout the entire year. As a school, we have used intentional curricular choices, Jr. High collaboration groups focused on Continue reading Parent Note – February 24, 2020

Parent Note – February 18, 2020

PARENT NOTE – February 18, 2020
“Blazin’ God’s Light”
Matthew 5: 15,16

In last week’s Blue Note, I was able to revisit the importance of standards-based grading to our teachers, students, and parents. Standards-based grading (SBG) is making a substantial educational impact for students from kindergarten to 8th grade, both in our school and schools throughout the nation.

As you may recall, at our February Late Start, the staff was in deep discussion about self-assessment and how our students can engage in critical and action based self-reflection. Just as we ask our students to self-assess, our teachers exercise this same reflective practice. Continue reading Parent Note – February 18, 2020

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