SGO Tax Credit Scholarships

What is an SGO Tax Credit Scholarship?
SGO Tax Credit Scholarships are awarded to eligible students in the amount of $500 and is used to qualify a family for the Indiana CHOICE Voucher Program.
  • Highland Christian School has an established relationship with Institute for Quality Education (formerly Educational CHOICE Charitable Trust), a scholarship granting organization (SGO) for the express purpose of qualifying currently enrolled families and new families entering at the kindergarten level for the Indiana CHOICE voucher in accordance with current State legislation.
  • SGO Tax Credit Scholarship funds are raised by Highland Christian School and managed by Institute for Quality Education on behalf of HCS.  These scholarships are distributed in accordance with HCS School Board directives.
  • To receive an SGO Tax Credit Scholarship, families must be enrolled in Highland Christian School, meet financial eligibility guidelines and apply for the scholarship through the HCS office.  To view the financial eligibility guidelines,   click here.