Hot Lunch

Monthly Menus

Hot lunch is available every day.   The menu is available on the calendar in OnCampus.


Each day, your child may choose between the special hot entree of the day and a standard lunch menu.  When students arrive each day, they are given an opportunity to “order” their preferred lunch.  Their orders are tallied by homeroom and reported to the Kitchen Team.  At lunch time, teachers distribute the lunch cards to the students so that they may get their hot lunch.


Hot lunches cost $2.50 each and are sold by card only — they cannot be sold as a single lunch.  We sell both a 5-punch lunch card ($12.50) and a 20-punch lunch card ($50.00).  Meal tickets can be added to your account (preferably), or monies may be brought to the office, where they will be processed by the Kitchen Team.