Board of Trustees

School Board Members

President:  Gerritt Wieringa

Vice President: 
John Stammis

Secretary:  Joshua Blocker

Treasurer:  Jim Bandstra

Asst. Treasurer: Jerry Kuiper

Josiah Luttjeboer

Lon Natelborg

Nancy Scheeringa

Mike Schutt

April Vander Meyden


Executive:  Gerritt Wieringa, John Stammis, Jerry Kuiper, Joshua Blocker, Jim Bandstra

Education: Gerritt Wieringa, Jerry Kuiper, Josiah Luttjeboer, Nancy Scheeringa, John Stammis, April Vander Meyden

Finance:  Jim Bandstra, Jerry Kuiper, Josiah Luttjeboer, John Stammis, April Vander Meyden, Gerritt Wieringa

Transportation:  Nancy Scheeringa, Joshua Blocker, Lon Natelborg, Mike Schutt

Building and Grounds:  Joshua Blocker, Jim Bandstra, Jim Bandstra, Lon Natelborg, Mike Schutt

*Name of Chairman is italicized.

Foundation Board Members

Chairman: Terry Krooswyk
Vice Chairman:  Josh Scheeringa
Treasurer: George Oostema
Secretary: John Surowiec
Board Liasons:
Mike Natelborg
Dave Neibert
Nancy Scheeringa
Dave Sherwood
Kyle Van Prooyen
Deane Van Rosendale
John Vander Pol
Chris Yonkman

We appreciate all who serve as leaders in our community.  A special note of thanks is offered as well for the S.P.I.C.E.  (Servant Partners in Christian Education) Board that oversees  E.T.C. Thrift Store operating for the benefit of Highland Christian School.