Automation & Robotics – Pull Toy Parade!

Their work paid off as the pull toys went on parade! PreK-7th grade students lined the halls, peering and cheering as they saw the farm animals graze, ballerinas twirl, soldiers battle, UFOs launch, fish swim and pigs dance. The pull toys involve movements that went up and down, around or spun with favorite characters from books and movies.

These pull toys were designed and built by Highland Christian School’s 8th grade Automation and Robotics students. Having spent the past 9 weeks learning about mechanical systems, energy transfer and machine automation, they used VEX Robotics to design and build a pull toy. Each student group decided on the theme and movement desired, drew the schematics for the toy and chose the appropriate parts to build the toy. The gears, pulleys and chains provided the internal mechanical structure of the toy, the drawings and characters provided the whimsy and appeal. Finally, the test runs, failures, rethinking, redrawing and rebuilding led them to a successful pull toy parade!